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Poetry of life: part three

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This is a poetry book of life love and relationships. We really appreciate you for taking the time to even consider our work thank you and may God Bless.


A Children's book series 1-3

A Children's Book To Learn, Color,Play & Search is a book for kids in grade levels k-6th.

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Pick me, color me

Children's coloring and fun activity book....

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It's coloring with a twist

children's coloring and word search book.

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Let's Help each other can you relate to these stories

Let's help each other *Can You Relate to These Stories* is a book about Aids, Rape, Suicide, HIV, depression, pain of betrayal, Abuse... Etc. I'm trying to reach out to the young kids and ones who may need help and trust me I’m not done yet. I take you deeply into personal feelings and emotions as your reading this novel you can actually picture what I've seen and dealt with. There is a lot of things people don't want to hear about and scared to speak on, but let me be the voice to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, or is to afraid to speak for themselves...

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I thought I married a man!

Sometimes I wonder if people really believe in unconditional love!? It’s so many twists and turns to love, there’s no reason to rush it because when you are just looking for love anywhere you can, then trust me you are always going to be lost. Some people may say love doesn’t suppose to hurt, while other people may say pain is love.

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My baby daddy & the family drama that came along with it!

Every one loves to talk about baby mama's and their drama! well in my case I have baby daddy & family drama. Trisha has been going back and forth for about three years arguing with her baby daddy and his family.

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Poetry of life: part one

Poetry of life poems are from different experiences,and we really hope you enjoy our hard work. Keep God ahead of your life because with him all things are possible!

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Poetry of life: part two

Poetry of every day life events

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Poetry of life: part three

Volume three is a fanily book of poets coming together to share our poetry with the world!

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Sex in the air let's get buck wild

This book is for Adult romance and filled with hot juicy scenes of wild sex.

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Sex in the strangest places

Every one have had sex in a strange place but can you strange place amountof to these....

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